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We've just come back from a weekend in Adelaide. A couple of Eric's friends are moving to the US next week, so they had a big farewell party on Friday night. They rented out a bar and it was insanely full of people. I managed the whole social interaction thing quite well, if I may say so myself. Let's just say that being brought up in a dysfunctional family leads to some interesting social skills.

We also went to an animal sanctuary ( in the Adelaide hills. There was the funniest possum sleeping on top of a tree fern, just a ball of fur in the middle of all the fronds. And I think we saw a couple of potoroos. No platypus though, given the constant clumping of little feet on the boardwalk. We also went to the animal show, ranging from spiders (Eric wasn't pleased) through tree frogs, blue tongue lizards, and snakes. Oh oh oh! I want a sugar glider! They are the cutest things imaginable!

On Saturday, we had a luxurious breakfast at our hotel - Hotel Richmond ( - which has a gorgeous huge dining/lounge room, hung with gauzy curtains and filled with Asian/modern furniture. Then we headed out for a stroll along the banks of the Torrens River to try and compensate for the breakfast. *grin* Adelaide is full of lovely sandstone buildings and street art. We went to the beach area at Glenelg for lunch with Eric's friends and their family. Lots of fun. Beautiful weather.

We also went to Haigh's, of course, then out for dinner at a really nice Chinese restaurant. (With aquariums containing decorative fish, rather than food, for a change.)

Oh, and I found my perfect library...

Back in time to pick up 1634: The Bavarian Crisis from the library. Twenty laps at the pool - our first time back since winter started - 10 breaststroke, 5 backstroke, 5 freestyle (without drowning!).


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