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I'm convinced that exercise is good for you. Everyone tells me this.

Anyway, I had ballet on Tuesday night and managed to injure myself a great deal less during the centre work. I didn't stub my toe during jumps, for example, or crash into more than one person at a time while changing direction. (Changing direction is the nasty new thing that our teacher has introduced this term. It's all very well to say that it's an important dance skill, but when you're already dizzy from the turns, working out which corner of the room you're meant to be going towards can be challenging. Multiply this by the twenty people in the room.)

I also dragged Eric out of bed yesterday morning to go swimming. It is noticeably darker at 6 a.m. from a month ago - although daylight savings will switch off next month, which will make it better. I think the chill is only going to get worse though.

We're sticking to the 20 laps for a couple of reasons - firstly, we can't actually swim 20 laps continuously yet, and second, we don't have time to keep going for more than 20 minutes or so before work. (Yes, I'm slow. Your point is?) So we're shortening rest breaks and increasing the proportion of backstroke/freestyle. This time I started off with a higher cardio load by alternating breaststroke and backstroke for the first 16 laps. Yes, that's right. 8 laps of backstroke and 12 of breaststroke. Plus only two major rests. My heart was definitely pumping. I was tired last night.

But we went out for dinner at Yuu, which is a fantastic Japanese restaurant hidden away in Flinders Lane. I always forget how good the food is. Kingfish, salmon, melting scallops, sushi, wagyu beef, green tea ice cream. Heaven.


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