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10 minutes late yesterday, due to a delayed train. Early today, due to payday breakfast, and I was even on time to breakfast.

I've finally getting some traction on this issue that I'm supposed to fix. Finally.
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Y'know, I'm just tired sometimes. Never mind, that's not what I actually came to say.

Exercise has been happening - we went for a hike on Sunday in the Mt Dandenong National Park. We went up the 1000 steps on the Kokoda Trail, round One Tree Hill and down Bellview Terrace. I figure it was probably a 8 km walk, with a nasty steep climb to start.

Monday was pilates and Tuesday was ballet. Today, I shall see if we make it to swimming.

The other thing that I've been working on is punctualness. I'm incredibly lucky that my office isn't the kind of place that monitors what time you turn up (within say, 30 minutes). As long as the actual work gets done, they're happy. I've been worried for some time about how much my mood affects my ability to leave the house, particularly since I do start work at 10 am, leaving me time to get thoroughly engrossed in gardening/dishes/whatever, and tempting me to call in a sickie. This is not good, neither for me nor for my work. So I'm making a concerted effort to get to work on time, and even to allow extra travel time for the vagaries of public transport.

Last week, I was early three days and on time two. This week I've been late twice, on time once and early once.


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