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There is no such thing as a simple, straightforward, high-quality, cheap renovation.

We're trying to get a rainwater tank installed.


Nov. 27th, 2008 12:20 pm
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People, you are conveyancers. All you do is handle paperwork for transfers of property (i.e. someone sells their house). You should be able to:

1. work out what paperwork is necessary
2. keep track of important dates (like settlement, date that documents need to be sent to other party)
3. return phone calls from your client

No, handing out vouchers to people who recommend your services will not save you otherwise...

(Early on Monday, worked from home Tuesday, two trains early on Wednesday, early train on Thursday.)
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The search is over! Eric and I signed a contract yesterday to buy a lovely little house, about a kilometre away from here. It's a fully detached, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, built about 1991. There's a neat little courtyard at the back, plus a proper front garden facing north (which is good because we're in the southern hemisphere). It's all there - big windows, walk in robe, air conditioning, ducted heating, gas kitchen. The owners have moved into assisted living communities, so they were happy to sell, even though we offered a lower price than they were asking. So for around the same price as the units that we were looking at (150 sqm, buildings with common walls and home owner association), we've managed to snag half a full house block (327 sqm) with its own street frontage and a nice house on it.

It's exactly what we wanted (and were having vast amounts of trouble finding). We settle in a month and a half. We're ecstatic.


Other things achieved this weekend by Mel: lots of dishes, lots of laundry, first ripe blueberries of the season, first ripe strawberry ever, half a dozen buckets of water for the garden (as per water restrictions), hour and a half hike with work colleagues in another bit of the Dandenongs, relocation of fish tank, quote for fish tank stand.

Things achieved by Eric: dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the living room and entry way; mad shopping on Saturday (busy day at market) in order to fit in Sunday's walk, driving of Mel to the said walk, ceremonial disposal of six months of accumulated real estate brochures, cleaning of dustbins, clean bedsheets.


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