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Uh... well... *looks guilty*

I did get to pilates on Monday and ballet on Tuesday. The week then descended into workshop and other madness at work, which meant that I mostly wanted to sleep in any spare time that I could find. And then sleep some more. And then play Settlers of Catan obsessively online. And then sleep. We shall do better this week.

I do feel though, that the gardening counts as some sort of exercise. It's all that weight lifting - ten litre buckets of water from the shower to the garden, from the water collection buckets to the tank, from the tank to the plants. Then there's all that digging and potting and walking back and forth and so on. It's certainly physical activity.

I potted my new baby spinach seedlings, oregano and chives. Apparently chives are a companion plant to roses, repelling aphids. It's too cold for aphids right now, but we'll see next spring. I just want chives in my omelettes. (Ironically, I've also just found out that basil, tomato and parsley do well together. Beginners' luck that I planted that combination. Or possibly the lack of space which crammed all the plants in together.) I've also planted the miserable rocket seedlings from over the summer near the spinach. I knew that I shouldn't have sown them then - they're definitely a cool season plant - but I wasn't sure if the seeds were still good. I'm sown a whole pile of Great Lakes lettuce, Chinese broccoli and more rocket in the little seedling greenhouse. I think the lovely apricot/pink rose cuttings have struck, together with the rosemary and a nice native groundcover with vivid purple spring flowers, but the pink ones are looking a bit unlikely. Oh well, I shall try again.

The other things occupying our time have been job applications and house hunting. They're both time consuming, tedious, and slightly depressing. *sigh* Although I had a useful discussion with our CEO at work on Wednesday about the transferability of lawyer-type skills.


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