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I'm doing a clean up of my web browser and thought I'd note some of the more interesting links here:

Article on the intelligence of grey parrots - Dr Irene Pepperberg - very cool article on Alex the grey parrot. Unfortunately, Toyboy shows no sign of equivalent intelligence, although we're starting clicker training tomorrow.

Canadian radio - CBC

Basil - Harvesting, Preserving, Cooking - for when you have too much basil in the summer, so that you can have some in the winter.

Some nice stainless steel and powder coated bird cages - not the place I was thinking this was though - there's a company that make amazing stainless steel and perspex cages with modular design and construction. Very cool, although not exactly affordable. Edit: Ah ha found it: Cages By Design.

Materials, machines, structures, and electricity: systems that keep us alive, healthy, and working, and why you should understand them - something interesting to read.

Cool bird toys and play gyms, made of Australian hardwood and natural materials - in Queensland unfortunately, so shipping is a bit expensive, but very cool.

Discussion of types of corrosion, the galvanic scale, and how all of this relates to stainless steel - mostly used when I was researching what to do with the aviary. Of course, subsequently I bought one, got engaged, and moved house, so that we have an unused aviary in the garage. Perhaps the parents will get around to concreting that back patch so that they can have a chook house.

Stainless steel marine things - since I was looking for stainless steel clips to keep things closed. Mind you, the plastic key ring clips work well, as long as you keep the metal bit out of the cage by putting them on at an angle.

My favourite bird supply store - unfortunately, since the reduction in my flock, I don't actually talk to Michelle much any more, but her prices are the best I could find, her shipping charges are more than reasonable, and she gets things here quickly! (In fact, she actually drove an order down here to save me shipping one Christmas.)

Turkey City Lexicon - for the analysis of story writing.


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